Agilent Vacuum Technologies

Innovative vacuum and leak detection solutions

Agilent exhausters, pumping systems, measuring devices, components and helium leak detectors allow you to create, measure and maintain a vacuum for your applications, processes or research. Discover Agilent’s clean, dry and quiet IDP scroll pumps, high-performance, high-pack TwisTorr turbo molecular pumps, optimised, UHV / XHV-ready ion pumps and controllers, and durable and reliable helium leak detectors. Agile pumps, systems and components make, for example, advanced physics and nanotechnology research possible, and are also perfectly suited for industrial processes.

The Agilent Vacuum products we represent

  • turbo molecular pumps
  • diffusion pumps
  • ion pumps
  • oil rotary vane pumps
  • dry scroll pumps
  • helium leak detectors
  • under-pressure measurement
  • under-pressure components
  • under-pressure valves


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