Agilent Vacuum TechnologIES  |  KYKY TechnologY


Top expert in vacuum and under-pressure technology

Mecastep focuses on the sale, maintenance and technical support of demanding vacuum and measuring devices for laboratories, industry and research facilities. We represent the best manufacturers in the field both in Finland and in the Baltic countries.

Agilent Vacuum Technologies

We have represented Agilent Vacuum Technologies exhausters and helium leak detectors for the past 15 years in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. We offer comprehensive solutions for all under-pressure and leak detecting needs in industry and the research sector. We service and provide technical support for all of the Agilent products we represent at the customer’s premises or at our own premises.

KYKY Technology

Chinese KYKY has been developing vacuum technology applications all over the world for more than 50 years. KYKY’s exhausters, measuring and other devices are used all over the world in scientific research and in the manufacture of, for example, space technology, solar panels and semiconductor components. Mecastep represents KYKY’s under-pressure valves in Finland.

Tecno Vacuum SRL: PVD systems

TECNO VACUUM is an Italian Company that researches and develops high vacuum solutions for metallic coatings of objects.